Does Your Basement Leak?

Does your basement leak? Has it been leaking for years? You are not alone. The Tri-State area is known for leaky basements and many of our customers have dealt with the problem for over a decade before they start the repair process. There are so many different avenues a homeowner can take when they have a leaking basement that it can become overwhelming fast. AquaProof offers many different systems to fit your unique needs. Our work comes with a Lifetime Transferable Warranty to give you peace of mind.

The first thing to do when your basement leaks is to find the source of the leak. Just because your basement is leaking doesn’t mean you need a waterproofing company. There are several things like floor drains, HVAC condensation lines, overhead plumbing and above grade leaking that waterproofing companies do not repair so it is important to know where the water is coming from. A true basement leak that a waterproofing company can help you with is when you have leaking cracks in your foundation wall(s) or when water is seeping out where the wall sits on the floor. away and get on with your life!

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Leaky Basement

A leaking basement crack can be repaired a few different ways and the solutions are determined by if your foundation wall is block or poured. For a block wall with a leaking crack, you are left with only two options an interior or exterior waterproofing system. If your foundation walls are poured you still have the interior or exterior system options however now you have two other cheaper options as well. For poured foundations a crack can be excavated on the outside and sealed permanently (exterior crack repair) and it can also be injected on the inside as a temporary solution.

Best way to fix a leaky basement

Seepage at the cove (where the wall sits on the floor) is when your leaky basement is in need of an interior or exterior waterproofing system. An interior system still allows the water to come into the basement and into a trench under your floor to then be pumped or channeled back outside. The other option is the exterior system which eliminates water from ever entering the foundation again.Subsurface Systems are another Exterior Basement Waterproofing System that we install. A subsurface system is usually 10 inches to 36 inches deep and is used to collect surface water and discharge it away from your home to stop water from pooling against the foundation. This system is also referred to as a French Drain, which is a term that is commonly used for many water draining systems.

The best way to fix a leaking basement is on the outside. By doing an exterior system or an exterior crack repair you are permanently stopping the water from entering your home and stopping any further foundation damage. Fixing your leaky basement early can save you thousands of dollars in foundation/structural issues down the line.

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