Helical Pier

Helical Piers come into play when your foundation sinks or shifts. Like with most repairs the quicker you address the problem the quicker you stop the damage that sinking and shifting creates. Not only does a sinking or shifting foundation make your foundation unstable with time it will also cause cracking in your drywall, doors and windows to stick and floors to become unlevel. Sinking or shifting usually takes place when the soil along the foundation wall or under the foundation shrinks and pulls away causing a new space or gap. This space between your foundation and the ground gives your home the chance to move around and is very common during a drought. There are a few different options when it comes to piers. The two common options in our area are Push Piers and Helical Piers. Push Piers use the weight of your home to “push” the piers into place where as Helical Piers do not rely on the pressure of your home and are “driven” into the ground with a machine. AquaProof uses Helical Piers as a “driven” pier is safer for your home during install and our digital readout machine lets us know when we have reached solid bedrock to stabilize your foundation and prevent future sinking. Helical Piers can be installed on the exterior or interior of your home as needed. When installing Helical Piers, the footer of your foundation is exposed and a pocket is opened beneath it. A bracket is placed under the footer and then Helical Piers will be driven into the ground until solid bedrock has been reached. Once bedrock has been reached and the foundation is stabilized there is a chance that the foundation can then be lifted back into its original place. Once all Helical Piers have been installed the area will be backfilled and graded.