Protect Against Foundation Damage Gutter Screens

Clean proper working gutters are your homes first line of defense and protection against water and foundation damage. When water can’t be controlled by your gutters it will cascade causing a waterfall right at your foundation. This is allowing extra water to hit your foundation that shouldn’t be there, more pressure on the foundation from the soil expanding and soil erosion. All of this extra, un-needed and PREVENTABLE water can lead to foundation repairs, waterproofing repairs and drainage repairs. Knowing how important gutters are in preventing damages we feel it is important to educate our customers on them and recommend giving them more attention!

  • Clean your gutters 2 to 4 times a year depending on how many trees are in the area – even if there are no trees debris from your roof still builds up and needs cleaned out.

  • Screens? We like to say there is no such thing as a maintenance free gutter screen. If you choose to have screens installed you will still need to clean above and under the screens and make sure that water can still easily get into the screen you choose. Some screens make it hard for water to enter into the gutter during heavy rains.

  • Size is important. Most companies offer 4” and 6” gutters. We recommend going with 6” even if your square footage doesn’t warrant them, during heavy rains you will need them.

  • Pitch - Your gutters will have a slight pitch to them that allows water to flow to your downspout lines so you don’t have standing water in them. Check this when cleaning.

  • Seals – Even seamless gutters will have sealed areas around downspouts, end caps and other areas. Look outside when raining or do a water test with your hose twice a year to make sure everything is still sealed. This includes checking where the gutter attaches to the house.

  • Cascading – If your gutters are cleaned and pitched properly but you still notice cascading you might need a valley guard installed to prevent the water from cascading.

AquaProof Inc does not install gutters. When looking for a company to do work at your home make sure you check a few places online for reviews or check with your family and friends for referrals.