Foundation Repair

Shifting Walls & Steel Beams

Foundation repairs may be needed due to shifting walls causing major damage to your home. Bowing walls cause your foundation to be unstable. Steel Beams can be installed in your basement to correct this problem along with a wall push in some cases. Steel beams installed along basement walls make the foundation stable again. A wall push is done when there is a significant bow in an exterior wall. To do this the exterior is dug out to the footer exposing the wall and on the interior beams are set by opening pockets in the concrete floor. Once set the beams will be pushed into place and the wall straightened from the pushing of the beams. Our beams are then anchored into the floor joists in the ceiling and basement floor pockets re-concreted. The exterior will then need to be waterproofed, backfilled with extra gravel and topped with a finished grade. We fix foundation repair issues all over the Greater Cincinnati area.

Helical Piers

Helical Piers

Helical Piers are used when a foundation is sinking. Sinking can be caused by excessive water lying next to your foundation. This excess of water causes the soil to expand. During a drought the land moves away from the foundation wall as the soil dries up and can cause the foundation to drop (sink). By keeping pooling water away from your foundation or watering your yard near your foundation in a drought you can prevent this costly repair. In most cases you can tell if your foundation has dropped (sunken) by one or more of the following: stair step cracks in the brick, windows and/or doors sticking or not closing properly, or cracks in the drywall.

Helical Piers are usually installed from the exterior but can be installed on the interior of the home if needed. When installing Helical Piers we dig to the footer, expose it and dig a pocket beneath it. Once in place we drill extensions into the ground until we have reached solid bedrock that the Helical Pier can lock into to stabilize the foundation of the home. Once stabilized we can see if there is the possibility of lifting the home back into its original place. Once all Helical Piers have been installed we will backfill the areas and complete the work with a finished grade.

Slabjacking Before Slabjacking After


Do you have settling? Why replace it when you can raise it!

Benefits of concrete raising vs concrete replacement:

  • Less than 1/2 the cost of replacement
  • No damage to grass or landscaping
  • Work done in hours (not days)
  • Walk on immediately; Drive on in 4-6 hours

Concrete raising is a cost effective alternative to replacing concrete. Slabjacking can be done with a poly foam or mud concrete mixture. AquaProof using the mud concrete mixture as you see immediate results and multiple applications are not required like with the poly foam.

Slabjacking Steps

Slab Foundations / Driveways / Steps / Patios / Garage Floors / Pool Decks / Sidewalks