Bow Wall - Interior View Stair Step Cracking - Sinking Foundation Stair Step Cracking

Foundation Repair comes at a high price however one that is needed to keep your home structurally sound. There are many different things that can attribute to foundation repairs like sinking, shifting or bowing foundation walls and many different opinions on how to properly repair each issue. The two main causes of foundation repair are pressure build up which cause your walls to bow and soil erosion which causes the foundation to sink or shift. The cause will determine which type of foundation repair you will need.

Some causes of foundation repair can be avoided/preventable while other circumstances are out of your control. The soil your home was built on plays a big role in your foundation’s stability and is completely out of your control. There are a few things you can do to help your foundation which could prevent future foundation repairs like:

  • Watering your foundation during a drought – this helps against soil erosion and could prevent sinking or shifting in your foundation Click Here to Learn More

  • Grading – making sure there is a good grade away from your home and not towards it

  • Gutters – We can never say enough about how important gutters are and one could even say they are your homes first line of defense against many issues including foundation repair Click Here to Learn More

  • Downspout / Sump Pump Lines – Having your lines buried and taken away from your foundation prevents water from recirculating

  • Drainage - Pooling water against the foundation applies pressure that over long periods of time can weaken the walls allowing it to bow

  • Waterproofing – Water entering your home eats away at the foundation which can lead to bowing walls over many years of being left untreated

Let’s go back to types of Foundation Repair. We use two different methods depending on which type of problem you have: bowing or sinking/shifting. AquaProof uses Steel Beams for a foundation repair of a bowing wall. With steel beams, also known as channels, we are able to reinforce the foundation wall and in a lot of cases able to push the wall straight again. For a sinking or shifting foundation repair AquaProof uses Helical Piers to stabilize the foundation and in some cases raise the foundation back into place. Like most repairs the sooner you notice and address the problem the better off you and your home will be.

To learn more about Steel Beams Click Here or Helical Piers Click Here.