Danny Manley

Danny Manley is the Owner and President of AquaProof, Inc. He founded AquaProof in October 2002 on his belief that he could offer a great service at a great price with better quality than was currently being used by other companies in the waterproofing and drainage business. Danny has worked in this industry for over 35 years and takes great pride in the company he has created around family.


Nathan Morris

What can I say. Great Job from start to finish. I called Aquaproof simply because our church parsonage was needing some crack repair. Scheduled the appointment and Danny came out and told me what needed to be done. The things that were needing to be done were, put in a new sump pump pit, route drains away from house, and repair some decent size cracks in the walls.

To my amazement, Danny looked at me and said, "Don't worry about this problem anymore, I'm going to take care of this for the church. It's going to be on me. Wow!!! I wasn't expecting that. A guy who I had never met was going to take care of the water problem at his own expense to help the church.

The guys came out and took care of the work. Done an excellent job. Cleaned Up great. Answered any questions we had and had great attitudes.

Also wanted to commend Tiffany and Tracy for their excellence of communicating with us. They kept us posted on everything going on.

So thanks again Danny and company for all that you have done. Awesome Job!!!

Dan Diedling

Aquaproof was recommended to me. Danny came out and told me exactly what the problems were and how they could fix them. They did a awesome job. Stabilized 2 walls in basement. Did some foundation repair and routed all my down spouts and sump pump lines out away from house. The crew was very professional and kinda fun. They knew what they were doing. Cleaned up great. Had some heavy rain last week or so and not a drop came in. Now I can get my basement living again. You want the job done right and affordable give them a call. Thanks Aquaproof.

Melissa Townsend

I called AquaProof because I have had terrible drainage issues around the house and the garage. The cinderblocks on the garage foundation had started to pull apart and ultimately allowed a large snake to inhabit the area. Not cool. I was also having various miscellaneous drainage issues in front of the garage and between the garage and the house.

Danny came out to give me a free estimate on the separating cinderblocks and that was so reasonable, I decided to have a drain installed at the front of the garage and another drain between the house and the garage. We also ended up waterproofing the one side of my basement. The cost was more reasonable than I had anticipated.

The crew arrived at 8am on the dot and were very professional. They patiently answered my numerous questions and were more than happy to explain what they were doing and why. They did an amazing job and I have been excitedly showing the work off to my neighbors and on social media. I am very pleased with how nice everything looks and I no longer dread the spring monsoons.

Mary Bussell

Aquaproof was recommended to me. I had a problem with water coming in on one side of my basement when it rained. Danny came over, explained exactly what the problem was and gave me a detailed plan of how he could fix it. And it was at a price I could afford. It's been a month and we have had quite a bit of rain. My basement is dry and I am enjoying the full use of it. The workers were very professional. They came in on time, did the work and restored everything back to the way they found it. Thanks so much, Aquaproof!

Tim Roettgers

Excellent Service! Rick and Brent and their staff were awesome!! I had my basement water proofed on 2/15/2016. They showed up promptly at 8 am and was completely done by 8 pm. The crew was knowledgeable, friendly, respectful and very neat! They cleaned up great, My basement is completely dry, I'm so confident now with every rain because I know my basement is leak free. I would highly recommend Aqua Proof. True Professionals.

David Barthold

I spoke with Danny at the Home&Garden show recently. He was very easy to converse with and very knowledgeable about Blue Angel sump pumps. He provided me with a lot of useful information on the best method to buy the pumps with the least cost in mind. Being a DIY type guy I truly appreciated that low key,no pressure style of providing me with sales and contact info on how to purchase and with options to install the sump pump.

Ted Jenks

AcquaProof was called because of an excellent result provided my neighbor. Their service was prompt, thorough and efficient. They corrected a problem that I thought had been taken care of by someone else several years ago.

Mike Brownfield

I called AquaProof because I was sick and tired of cleaning up a watery mess in my basement every time it rained. Danny came to my house, determined the problem and gave me a free estimate. Withing a week his team was out to my house and in one day ended a problem that had plagued me since I moved in. That was 8 years ago. To this day I've not had a drop of water enter the basement. I was so pleased and confident with the work that I turned that area into a Family and bedroom.

Randy Dieter

Aquaproof waterproofed entire house and stabilized a 40' wall nearly two years ago. No hyperbole on the sales pitch... just straight forward facts. I couldn't have ask for better service. They returned within 24 hours to repair minor adjustments and within four hours for a major drainage block, they had no way of knowing about in advance. Aquaproof is a serious company that stands by its work. They followed up to ensure we were completely satisfied. Hats off to the company and it's hard working employees. Thanks, gentlemen!

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Community Involvement

Sharonville Christmas Fund

For the 2016 Holiday Season AquaProof partnered with the Sharonville Christmas Fund. Through this program AquaProof adopted a family and we were given a list of the needs and wants of the family. This is very different from programs we have done in the past however, it was a wonderful experience and one we will do again! The list was complete with names, ages, grades, clothing size, favorite color and hobbies. Everyone had 2 needs listed and the kids had spots for wants. The needs were heart breaking as all of the kids needed coats, underwear and socks...things a lot of us can take for granted. Having the list we knew exactly what to purchase so the needs of the family would be taken care of and were able to get the kids the gifts they have been dreaming of!


Click to see the Certificate of Appreciation issued by USMC. Click to see the letter of 1st Sgt Alex Brinker (USMC) AquaProof Inc made a donation to the USMC in an effort to help Marine’s from all over the country take part in the Marine Birthday Ball. Our Military forces work hard to protect and deserve a day of their own.

Lighthouse Food Pantry Christmas Toy Drive

Lighthouse Church is located in Hamilton, Ohio and serves the city with over 30,000lbs of food each month to the community. AquaProof was able to help with the Christmas Toy drive to help these families provide their children with a Christmas they would forever remember.

Warren County Junior Fair

AquaProof is proud to help with youth organizations like the Warren County Junior Fair. By purchasing livestock the youths in the program are provided the funds needed to continue their journey in the farming community.

Matthew 25 Ministries Tornado Relief

The girls in the office went to Sam’s Club and loaded up the SUV with items that the tornado victims were in great need of! Every Donation counts….we all need to do our part and help those in need!

Western Row Elementary School

AquaProof donated two Bengals Tickets to the Western Row Elementary Schools silent auction in an effort to help the school raise money. The tickets were a hit and went for more than face value at the auction! Thank you to the wonderful elementary students that made this beautiful Thank You sign for us.

Toys for Tots – 2014!!

This year we are helping Toys for Tots with their Christmas toy drive! We will be helping in three different ways:

  1. We have already supplied the funds for three phones and service plans to local Marines that are donating their time to Toys to Tots to get new donation sources, pick up donations, store donations and to distribute them.
  2. Our office on Mosteller Rd will be a drop off site for donations
  3. AquaProof will be making a $50 donation per job completed during the months of October and November. We are projected to complete 35 to 45 jobs in that two month span which will come to a donation of between $1,750 and $2,250!!!!

Please help us make Cincinnati’s children have the best Christmas possible! For more information or to donate feel free to call our office @ 513-459-5400.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is AquaProof, Inc.?

AquaProof, Inc. specializes in interior/exterior waterproofing and drainage issues. AquaProof was founded on the principle of doing top quality work, fair prices, no sales gimmicks, and no high pressure sales. All of our Sales Representatives have worked in the field before and know the industry from many aspects. Our installers truly take pride in their work and want to deliver the best experience possible for you and your home.

How long have you been in business?

AquaProof, Inc was founded on October 9th, 2002 by Owner and President Danny Manley.

Is AquaProof, Inc insured?

Yes, AquaProof, Inc. is insured by American Insurance Strategies. We are more than happy to provide additional information upon request.

Download BWC Certificate thru June 2016
Download Certificate of Liability thru August 2017

Why should I contract AquaProof, Inc?

We at AquaProof Inc, are experts at evaluating and fixing your waterproofing and drainage problems. We stand behind our work with a Lifetime Transferable Warranty as we know our systems will stand the test of time if they are maintained.

Is your work guaranteed?

Yes! We have a Lifetime Transferable Warranty with NO annual fees! Many of our competitors offer a Lifetime Warranty but have an annual fee to keep the warranty valid. We do have a small warranty transfer fee due when transferring the warranty to a new owner which can be made by the seller or the buyer within 60 days of the settlement date.

Do you offer coupons or discounts?

We have many offers out there like Referral Discounts and Rewards, Angie’s List member discounts, and a discount on our website to name a few.

What are all the services that you offer?

Our services range from exterior/interior basement waterproofing, permanent crack repair, sump pump installation, yard lines (french drains), interior/exterior crawl space waterproofing, beam installation for bowing walls, pier installation for sinking foundations, window well drains, downspouts, 6” gutters, and gutter cleaning.

How much will a residential drainage system cost?

Unfortunately, this question has a huge range so it is impossible to answer without details on your particular situation. Our systems are customized to fix your issues; we do not have one system that we apply to everyone’s issue.

Who will be supervising my project?

Each jobsite is assigned to a foreman who will be in charge of the project and the crew on the site. Your Sales Representative will also make visits to the site to make sure everything is going as planned and to answer any questions you may have.

Do you provide free consultations or estimates?

Yes, we provide free estimates to homeowners and require all owners of the property to be present when we come out to give the estimate. If a home is in a buying/selling situation there is a small fee for the estimate as the estimate is usually used as a bargaining tool from our experience.

What about phone lines, electric lines, gas lines, and other utilities that are in the path of my project?

By law, we are required to contact the Ohio Utilities Protection Service (or similar organization in your area) before beginning any digging project. They will come out and spray paint or mark with flags all public lines in your yard. Any private lines to pools, sheds, or lamp posts will have to be marked or pointed out as best as possible when the crew arrives. AquaProof Inc is NOT responsible for repairs to any damaged private lines or sprinkler systems. If we hit a line we will notify you of where it was hit and do our best to try and repair the line.

Can we finish our basement with confidence that it will stay dry?

Yes! We stand behind our work and that is why we can offer such a great Lifetime Transferable Warranty! However, new problems can arise and we can only stand behind the work we performed. Things like new homes in your neighborhood, new patios, or other new construction items can all change the layout of the land around you. This will cause a change in the flow of water and could mean an increase in water coming onto your property.

Can I just paint my walls with waterproofing paint instead?

We highly recommend that you don’t! Doing nothing about a water problem would be a better solution than painting the walls/floors with the waterproofing paints. These paints allow the water to build up in your foundation walls since the water can no longer go through the walls. This build up causes more damage than the water simply running through your walls as it causes the foundation to deteriorate faster!